As your order is progressing in several stages, planning is extremely important. That is why we ask the order confirmation and give you due dates for final decisions about designing and item/sizes. If you feel you need extra time, we will follow your schedule.

Production is done by following steps :  
How is your team wear produced ?
Full Custom: You can create your unique designs from scratch by using our templates, or online designer tool.
Semi Custom: You can select one of our designs and modify it as you wish.
Logos which are created by vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw (.AI .EPS) can be used for production. If you don't have your logo as vector file, we can create your logos by extra charge.
Kipeo presents you a wide range of color catalog provided on fabric. Please consider that the color properties may change by fabric and used pressing technique. In certain circumstances we can use PMS colors.
Firstly, the final design is approved, and models and quantities are defined, then, pricing step comes. In order to start production, desing and price should be approved, and %50 of the total should be given as prepayment.
We send size-sets to team for the best size fitting. Size-sets include different sizes of products. Size-sets are supplied only to Turkish customers.
06. Production
Production starts after all steps are confirmed. The products are produced completely in Turkey. Team orders are completed withing 2 weeks.
When production is completed the remaining 50% is paid.
Your products are packaged one by one carefully, then put in cargo box and shipped.
Kipeo gives 1 year guarantee for production mistakes such as sewing errors.
Delivery Terms
Order turn around time is only 3 weeks upon art/order approval!
New Orders
It takes 3-4 weeks to complete the whole procedure from order approval to the shipment from our warehouse. The first week you can decide upon your sizes according to the size samples you have got. Also items and art design is secured here. The next period of 2-3 weeks we need for production of the order.
Repeats of same items or new items with same design can be delivered in 2 weeks time. As production space can fill quickly we suggest you to make an order confirmation to keep the delivery date according to plan.
Cycling, Running, Triathlon
20 pieces per item! This means per article that you choose, you need 20 pieces, sizes are not important. The style options are the same like zipper, pad.
Accessories: when you place an order for some basic items you can add accessories, e.g. arm,-legpieces, caps, gloves,… per 20 pieces.
Example; 20 armpieces, 20 gloves, … in combination with basic items
Sock Orders: Minimum is 30 pairs in combination of sizes.
FFootball, Volleyball, Basketball
10 pieces per item

If you can not reach the quantities you can find some accessories, basics in our promotions shop. You can make a combination between basic order and online part.
Also you can find some semi-custom outfits in the webshop, no minums here.