Sapphire - Blue


Sapphire Men is a single density pad developed just for men with a tailor-made design to provide maximum comfort.
Central channel in perineal area Designed to support male anatomy Anti wrinkle lines
Ruby - Red

Ruby Men is a dual density, three dimensional pad. Its great perfomance and maximum comfort come from a long series of severe test protocols from top professional road and mountain bike riders. The major part of the High Density protective foam in Ruby Men’s pad is concentrated in the central “HEART SHAPE” zone, which provides incredible comfort and at the same time offers great fit and complete freedom of movement. Ruby Men is a minimalist pad that provides superb protection

Heart shape to provide incredible comfort and freedom of movement Dual density and three dimensional shape Perforated foam for maximum ventilation
Diamond HP - Grey

Diamond endurance where HP stands for High Performance, which is provided thanks to very high density foam inserts key ischiatic pressure points and high density foam throughout. The X-Tract fabric has a double layer structure which helps collect and expel moisture while the perforated base layer provides increased breathability and quick dry. This Diamond HP Men is thermoformed and stitched into a comfortable shape and incorporates the allway stretch The shape adheres closely to male anatomy.

Perineal area with central channel suited for men’ s use Super Air base layer for maximum ventilation With gel inserts
Emerald - Red/Grey

Emerald Tri pads have a special design developed to provide maximum performance and comfort for multi-sport athletes. Our perforated short insert with high density foam, provides maximum protection. Plus, the Emerald-Tri pads with all-way stretch fabric platform guarantee total freedom of movement. To meet the needs of the athletes, all with perforated foam for maximum breathability and fast dry.

Slim profile for maximum freedom of movement Central channel in perineal area Perforated foam for maximum ventilation


YKK Sportswear must endure severe conditions, winter, mud, rain, sand,… So it is upmost important that also the zippers are fit for this. Ykk quality stands for durability, lightweight and trendiness in the product.
Super Roubaix® Super roubaix® is a winterfabric, multi-elastic for good compression of the muscles. The brushed inside isolates and helps the muscles to perform Super roubaix ® is extremely durable and good against pilling. For optimal comfort Super roubaix® is the best choise.
LYCRA® SPORT LYCRA® SPORT fabric is engineered specifically for sporting activities, which require a combination of light-weight, breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement. LYCRA® SPORT fabric combines stretch fiber technology and demanding fabric performance testing standards, resulting from years of innovation and textile science in the world of sport.
Airflow Airflow is a performance fabric made from polyester with a very quick moisture management, so it takes the sweat away from the body. This gives a greater comfort even on hot days.
Rigo Rigo, is a brushed fabric, that keeps the body warm, a good elastiicity for optimal performance.
Outech Outech is a single layer lightweight quality, with a teflon finish, ideal for light jackets for rainy conditions. .
Tekseries® Tekseries® fabrics are technical fabrics designed for autumn and winter and mainly dedicated to the world of cycling. Most of the collection consists of multi-layered fabrics featuring the presence of the tek series® membrane, which provides transpiring, waterproof and windproof properties. Many fabrics in this category have been designed to be suitable for transfer printing in order to allow complete customisation of the garments
Tek Hydro Series fabrics treated with hydro oil repellant are a must for garments that face severe weatherconditions. Mud, sand, Oil and dirty water are being repelled by the fabric, also easy to clean the garment.

Washing Instructions

Functional clothing contains technical fabrics which give you longer comfort if you follow good washing instructions.
First washing
For the first time it is designated to wash separately. Only add pieces of same color.
Wet clothing
Never leave clothing in wet condition. The dirt and sweat dries into the fabric and can result in color change and un removable stains.
Washing softeners
Softeners damage the technical functions of fabrics.
Oil-mud repellant
Some fabrics are treated with water-mud-oil repellant products. Therefore is it better to turn your clothing inside out before putting it in the washing machine, use fluid detergents.
Some fabrics like polyamides and elastanes are sensitive when meeting rude objects and Velcro. Therefore never use it together.
Persistent stains
Depending on the soil, some stains are less easy removable. Therefore use first locally an enzymatic soap before putting it in the washing machine.